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Designing the Purposeful Organization

How to Inspire Business Performance Beyond Boundaries

Inspire business performance and deliver maximum value by aligning people to a compelling business purpose.
EAN: 9780749472207
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 157
256 pages

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About the book

Globalization, competition and recession have created an overwhelming pressure on organizations to deliver growth. This has often resulted in tough performance targets being pushed down the line. Hard-hitting management may deliver short-term results but in the longer term key people burn out or leave, and business performance falls back. Designing the Purposeful Organization explains how to implement a more enlightened and authentic leadership style that aligns people's strengths to the delivery of a compelling future.

Designing the Purposeful Organization draws on a unique framework that helps leaders manage the eight elements essential for high performance: purpose, vision, engagement, structure, character, results, success and talent. It moves beyond the boundaries of transactional performance (pay me X and I'll deliver Y) to a purpose-centred performance that releases talent, creativity and engagement. It features case studies from Google, Whole Foods Market, the NHS and the London 2012 Olympics and is ideal for practitioners in organization development, senior HR managers and business leaders. This book demonstrates how business performance can be inspired beyond boundaries by aligning people to a compelling purpose.

About the authors

Clive Wilson is a board director at Primeast, a UK-based consultancy that has facilitated purposeful leadership, organisational effectiveness and high-performance teamwork since 1987. Primeast works internationally with a focus on the oil and gas, power, pharmaceutical and technology sectors as well as with change agents and social entrepreneurs. Clive is a Fellow and Tutor for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Fellow and Ambassador for the Chartered Management Institute. In recent years, with his passion for purposeful change, he has facilitated workshops on strategic alignment and talent leadership in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Australia.
  • I've spent many very enjoyable hours with Clive, discussing people, their talent, their lives and their work and I've always been impressed by his passion for the inseparable interrelationship of these. In this book, Clive describes the inseparable nature of different aspects of organizations and the people who work in them. He describes the contrasting but complementary perspectives of head and heart and takes us on a series of journeys from the conceptual to the practical. Great examples and metaphors help ground the learning (the fractal geometry of cellular development is a particular favourite - yes, really). It's a book that is always interesting and always useful with exercises and techniques to support your organization development journey. For me, the book's greatest gift is to guide the reader to ask the most powerful questions of their organization and themselves.
  • Dave Rippon, ValueStrengths (formerly Head of Organisation Development, Sunderland City Council)

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