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Data-Driven HR

How to Use AI, Analytics and Data to Drive Performance

Use data, analytics and metrics to make better HR decisions for your business.
EAN: 9781398614567
Edition: 2
Format: 234 x 156
304 pages

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About the book

How can HR professionals utilize and leverage their organization's data effectively, with the use of AI, for more talent attraction, better employee engagement and higher talent retention to ultimately drive performance?

AI is now an integral part of being data-driven. With this updated edition of Data-Driven HR, practitioners can unlock business potential and success through data and analytics. Covering topics such as recruitment, employee engagement, performance management, wellbeing and training, HR practitioners can benefit from knowing how to really be data-driven through the use of data and AI.

HR teams will learn how to identify business goals, scrutinize useful sources of data and gain rich and diverse insights from their vast amounts of data. This book brings guidance on how to manage challenges that come with data and AI, as well as how to responsibly and transparently use data to improve decision making. It also includes predictive analytics and how to place warning systems into databases for any potential workforce issues. Packed with practical advice, key takeaways and real-life examples, this is essential reading for all HR professionals looking to make a measurable difference in their organizations.

About the authors

Bernard Marr is one of the leading voices in Technology and Innovation. A futurist and strategic performance consultant, he has advised many of the world's best-known organizations on their business and data strategies. A frequent keynote speaker, he also writes on the topic of data and analytics for various publications including Forbes and the Huffington Post. Bernard Marr is also the author of Data Strategy (2021) and The Intelligence Revolution (2020) published by Kogan Page.

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