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People and Data

Uniting to Transform Your Business

Understand how to structure your organization to make the best use of business data to drive company performance.
EAN: 9781398610828
Edition: 1
Format: 15 x 160
264 pages

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About the book

People and Data is an innovative exploration of the relationship between non-data professionals and data in an organization's success, and why it is only when they work together that a business can unlock its full potential.

This book explains how most companies are yet to take advantage of the value that data offers. Their structures and processes are unfit for data and their biggest mistake is that regular employees are not included in the data-driven effort. People and Data illustrates how to change this. It shows how and why improving data quality should be an organization's first priority, how to tackle the tough organizational issues, such as departmental silos, that get in the way and how to upskill the whole workforce to get the best out of the organization's data. It is a practical guide written by a global expert which explains how companies can put their data to work by building it into all aspects of the business including their structure, culture and workforce design. By infusing the whole organization with data in this way employees at any level can use insights from the data to improve business performance.

Full of practical tips and advice, People and Data includes a Resource Centre featuring a curriculum for training employees, and eight tools that will help companies to leverage their data to meet their business goals and upskill their employees so that everyone can benefit from the power of data. With important takeaways and real-world examples from organizations including AT&T and Morgan Stanley, this book is essential reading for all those wanting to allow their people and data to reach their full potential but are not sure where to start.

About the authors

Thomas C Redman is known as the 'Data Doc' and is the founder and President of Data Quality Solutions. Through this company he helps people and organizations think about data and data quality in new and exciting ways. Based in Rumson, New Jersey, he previously worked at AT&T where he formed their data quality lab.

  • Based on my own decades-long experience working with organizations on removing data-related barriers and building data-driven strategies, I could not agree more with Tom's guidance to put people at the center. He's on to something massively important here - if you internalize and act on the people-focused principles he's suggesting, you will no doubt accelerate and amplify your impact on the business.
  • Ted Friedman, Former Gartner Analyst and Industry Thought-Leader

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