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Reward Management

Alternatives, Consequences and Contexts

Gain a thorough understanding of the theory, context and practice of reward management with this CIPD textbook.
EAN: 9781789661774
Edition: 4
Format: 234 x 157
496 pages

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About the book

Reward Management is a comprehensive guide to all elements of reward in the workplace. From the theoretical frameworks and legal context of reward through to practical application in the workplace, this book provides all the essential information for both students of reward management and practitioners involved in reward management in organizations.

Covering all the key areas of reward management including pay structures and pay setting, job evaluation and employee benefits, Reward Management is a key book for anyone studying the Level 7 CIPD reward management module or a postgraduate qualification in HR. This book also includes guidance on non-financial reward and new coverage of the gender pay gap, executive reward and pay ratio reporting. There is also extensive discussion of international reward including the impact of different cultures on reward, benefits for multi-local talent, rewarding expatriates and why one size of reward doesn't fit all. Accompanying online resources include lecturer manual and lecture slides.

About the authors

Stephen J. Perkins is ann Emeritus Professor at London Metropolitan University and a Research Fellow with the Global Policy Institute, London. A non-executive director and corporate adviser, he has previously held executive posts in industry as well as undertaking management consultancy in the UK and internationally.

Sarah Jones is a Senior Lecturer in HRM and Organization Behaviour at the University of Northampton, UK.

  • Sarah Jones and Stephen Perkins have produced one of the most comprehensive and thorough texts available on reward management. As a research driven, theory-based text rooted in contemporary practice, the book is unusual and distinctive in being of significant value to so many different audiences at the same time: policymakers, practitioners, students and scholars.
  • Ian Kessler, Professor of Public Policy and Management at King’s College, University of London, UK.

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