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Case Study: Sustainability in the Hotel Industry

The Role of Operating Agreements in the Hotel Industry

Look at how businesses can implement eco-friendly sustainability in the context of hotel operations.
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About the book

This case study is based on a survey conducted among major hotel chains. It looks at how to implement operating agreements and decide on different ways of increasing eco-friendly policies in the hotel industry. It highlights operational problems which arise when there are multiple stakeholders and looks at the challenges of developing coordinated and global sustainability.

Implementing sustainability measures in the hospitality industry is not an easy task. Energy consumption accounts for between 3 and 6 per cent of hotel operating costs and is responsible for 60 per cent of its CO2 emissions.

This case is for students on hospitality, supply chain, operations management and logistics courses. It analyses factors which influence operating costs, including building characteristics, hotel features, location, and operations. The primary factor is temperature regulation. There are various measures which can be taken within hotels to reduce energy consumption. The authors examine the efficiency of these measures, which rely on the collaboration of all stakeholders.

Readers are provided with valuable information on the theory of energy consumption in hotels and the involvement of abundant stakeholders with divergent interest and targets is examined. The case study also looks at how operational and communication are the most effective ways hotel chains can promote sustainability.

About the authors

Dr Arvind Upadhyay is Senior Lecturer in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Brighton Business School. He is also the Director of Studies for the PhD Programme in Operations Management for Cardiff Metropolitan University's Associate College in London. Arvind's research interests include the sustainable supply chain, technology management, logistics and social entrepreneurship.

Francesco Pomponi is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, Centre for Sustainable Development. His areas of expertise include built environmental sustainability, horizontal collaboration in logistics, and sustainable development.

Céline Vadam is a Professor and Consultant of Tourism, Hospitality, Transport and Revenue Management. She is alsoan international hospitality and tourism investment consultant.

Dr Sushil Mohan is currently the Head of Economics and Finance in the University of Brighton's Business School. He is an applied economist with research interests on issues relating to the interaction between international trade, ethical trading and economic development.

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