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Humanizing Big Data

Marketing at the Meeting of Data, Social Science and Consumer Insight

Unlock the value of big data and realize the impact it can have both on customer understanding and better business performance with this authoritative guide.
EAN: 9780749472115
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Format: 230 x 155
224 pages

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About the book

Big data raises more questions than it answers, particularly for those organizations struggling to deal with what has become an overwhelming deluge of data. It can offer marketers more than simple tactical predictive analytics, but organizations need a bigger picture, one that generates some real insight into human behaviour, to drive consumer strategy rather than just better targeting techniques. Humanizing Big Data guides marketing managers, brand managers, strategists and senior executives on how to use big data strategically to redefine customer relationships for better customer engagement and an improved bottom line.

Humanizing Big Data provides a detailed understanding of the way to approach and think about the challenges and opportunities of big data, enabling any brand to realize the value of their current and future data assets. First it explores the 'nuts and bolts' of data analytics and the way in which the current big data agenda is in danger of losing credibility by paying insufficient attention to what are often fundamental tenets in any form of analysis. Next it sets out a manifesto for a smart data approach, drawing on an intelligent and big picture view of data analytics that addresses the strategic business challenges that businesses face. Finally it explores the way in which datafication is changing the nature of the relationship between brands and consumers and why this calls for new forms of analytics to support rapidly emerging new business models. After reading this book, any brand should be in a position to make a step change in the value they derive from their data assets.

About the authors

Colin Strong is a leading UK-based consumer researcher who has worked with a wide range of global brands to help shape their consumer strategies. Consumer data is an essential component of Colin's role, both in terms of using it to drive insight that was once the preserve of surveys and to advise on ways to shape new consumer brand relationships. Behavioural science runs throughout his research practice, not only to design experimental approaches, but also to guide data analytics. Colin is also a regular speaker at conferences and a contributor to publications and blogs including those of ESOMAR, the Market Research Society, The Huffington Post, Wired, AdMap and Market Leader.
  • Moving easily through this varied landscape, and drawing on an impressive array of case studies and academic papers, Colin Strong puts forward a compelling case that data can only take us so far; that what we do with data, and what data does to us, is a crucial, emerging piece of this important conversation around what's next for marketing. It seems, intuitively, that for all the hype and hoopla, if we as marketers want to really service those who are our customers, then we need to think of them less as datasets to be mined, and more as, well, humans, to be understood. I thoroughly recommend Strong's book to all those who have a desire to glimpse what a smarter, wiser and more informed digital marketing world may look like.
  • Dr. Guy Champniss, Professor of Marketing and Consumer Behaviour, Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK

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