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Marketing Value Metrics

A New Metrics Model to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Measure marketing effectiveness, align marketing activities with corporate strategy and deliver accountability with this metrics model developed at the renowned Cranfield School of Management.
EAN: 9780749468972
Edition: 2
Format: 240 x 170
328 pages

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About the book

This second edition of Marketing Accountability, now transformed to Marketing Value Metrics, introduces and guides readers through a metrics model developed at the renowned Cranfield School of Management that not only shows how marketing systematically contributes to shareholder value, but also provides a metrics-based framework for developing and implementing marketing strategies that are measurable and accountable. Malcolm McDonald, Stan Maklan and Peter Mouncey introduce strategic marketing planning and then describe in detail the key steps in the modelling process as well as the procedures for applying it in practice.

Updated throughout, this new edition includes the latest digital and social media metrics and advice on measuring the effectiveness of multichannel strategies. Marketing Value Metrics will enable marketing executives to measure more effectively the impact of marketing activity against organizational goals and will empower marketing teams and their managers to justify and defend their plans and strategies to their CEOs and CFOs.

About the authors

Professor Malcolm McDonald is Emeritus Professor of Marketing at Cranfield School of Management, having formerly been the Marketing Director of Canada Dry.

Peter Mouncey has over 40 years' experience in the field of marketing, and is a Visiting Fellow of Cranfield School of Management. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Market Research Society's International Journal of Market Research.

Stan Maklan is Reader in Strategic Marketing at Cranfield University. In addition he is an experienced marketer and consultant.

  • Measuring the impact of marketing activities and expenditures has long been overdue - open the pages .. and find the answers
  • Philip Kotler

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