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Auto Brand

Auto Brand

Building Successful Car Brands for the Future

Anders Parment

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Adapt to emerging trends in consumer behaviour to improve profitability in any organisation in the car industry.

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About the book

The car - once everybody's dream and a key status symbol in most countries and cultures - has been extensively questioned in the last decades and in the last few years particularly. Urbanisation, traffic congestion, pollution problems, heavy reliance on scarce oil supplies, safety issues and ever-growing competition, have all provided significant business challenges for the automotive industry. Many car manufacturers have had to fundamentally rethink their design, brand and marketing strategies to thrive in a savvy, consumer-led culture, and markets that are becoming increasingly restrictive in size and opportunity.

Auto Brand provides a roadmap to branding and marketing success in the automotive industry from a leading industry expert and features:
• Case studies on major car brands personally conducted by the author including: Audi, BMW, Holden, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Porsche, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, and Volvo
• The findings from 100 interviews conducted with CEOs, marketing managers, sales managers, sales people, after sales managers at all levels from the manufacturer level to small rural dealers, as well as industry experts, policy makers, free-stranding repair shops and professional organizations
• The results of a new international study on car buyer behaviour based on 4,700 survey answers

Auto Brand is essential reading for marketing managers, sales managers, CEOs, development managers and dealers in all types of companies in the car industry including: manufacturers, national sales companies/importers, dealers, finance companies, insurance companies, free-standing repair shop channels and more.

The first book to specifically address how to deal with the challenges facing the automotive industry it illustrates how companies can take advantage of new technologies, adapt to emerging trends in consumer behaviour, improve profitability and build even more successful brands in the future.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 01: The car – fashion item or out of fashion?;
    • Chapter - 02: Competition, market structure and global challenges;
    • Chapter - 03: Marketing channels;
    • Chapter - 04: Car buyer behaviour;
    • Chapter - 05: Car cultures;
    • Chapter - 06: Automobile brands;
    • Chapter - 07: Sustainable business models;
    • Chapter - 08: The car in the future


If you are very or even mildly interested in automotive branding and marketing, you need to read this book.
Christopher Sawyer, The Virtual Driver

A fine history of the car industry's brands, how they evolved as they met challenges of globalization, and how they changed with growing regulations over safety and the environment. ... a reasoned study recommended for any collection strong in automobile history and culture.
Midwest Book Review, California Bookwatch, The Automotive Shelf

Dr. Anders Parment provides many interesting pieces of information about the car industry, the challenges it is facing and what car companies could do to work smarter, understand buyers better, and be better prepared for the future...Few people have such great insights into how the industry is working on a strategic as well as operational level. The book is easy to read and managers in car companies are recommended to read it. A must-read for anybody involved in shaping the future of the car industry.
Editorial Staff, International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749469290
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd January 2014
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x155
  • 264 pages

About the Author

Dr. Anders Parment is a research fellow at Stockholm University as well as Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Branding and Marketing Communications. Anders is an established brand and business consultant in the automotive industry, and has dealt with the industry's challenges since the late 1990s from a variety of perspectives. Key customers include Audi, Citroën, Porsche, Saab, Seat, Volkswagen and Volvo in addition to major banks, consultancy, insurance and finance companies, governments, authorities, and professional organizations.

Anders Parment

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