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Consumer Insight

How to Use Data and Market Research to Get Closer to Your Customer

Provides comprehensive coverage of the classic areas that market researchers and marketers need to focus on.

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EAN: 9780749442927
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
288 pages

About the book

Part of the Market Research in Practice series - essential guides for the burgeoning Market Research Society training and qualifications programme.

Written by leading experts on database marketing, customer service and Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM), Consumer Insight provides comprehensive coverage of the classic areas that market researchers and marketers need to focus on: knowing who and where customers are, what they do, what they buy and what they would like to buy. It also explores how customers' thoughts, feelings, objectives and strategies influence their behaviour.

The book also explains how companies gain insight by managing and using their customer data correctly. Packed with the latest models, tools and research findings, it provides a great opportunity for market researchers to improve their knowledge of database marketing and CRM, and how they relate to market research. Readers will gain an understanding of what customer management actually is, what information is used, and how this information needs to be planned to support customer management.

Key content includes:

what is database marketing?

how do customer care and database marketing use consumer insight?

consumer insight and marketing research

analysing consumer data

development and retention of customers

data protection, risk, good and bad consumers

consumer insight systems

managing consumer insight

About the authors

Merlin Stone

Professor Merlin Stone is one of the UK's top specialists in changing organisational capability to meet the needs of customers and stakeholders. His experience covers many sectors, and he also trains, coaches and mentors senior managers. He is Research Director and Director responsible for the Customer, Citizen and Stakeholder Management Practice at WCL, specialists in change management and customer/stakeholder management.Merlin Stone is author or co-author of many articles and thirty books on transforming marketing, sales and customer service capabilities, including Customer Relationship Marketing, Consumer Insight, Marketing Revolution and Business Solutions on Demand. The UK's Chartered Institute of Marketing listed him in 2003 as one of the world's top 50 marketing thinkers, while NOP World nominated him in 2004 as one of 100 most influential individuals for their input and influence on the development and growth of e-commerce and the internet in the UK over the previous 10 years. He is an Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and an Honorary Life Fellow of the UK's Institute of Direct Marketing. He is also on the editorial advisory boards of several academic journals and writes for several trade publications.Merlin Stone has a first class honours degree and doctorate in economics from Sussex University, UK. In parallel to his business career, he has also pursued a full academic career. He has held senior academic posts at various universities. He is now a part-time professor at Bristol Business School and a visiting professor at several others.

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Bryan Foss

Bryan Foss is an independent non-executive director (NED), board level adviser, mentor and Visiting Professor. The majority of his work is in board governance and risk management (including operational, systems and data risks), also Business-to-Business marketing and sales, including international Key Account and partner management, SMB marketing and through-the-value-chain distribution management to employees and consumers. Bryan has a combination of commercial, regulatory, academic and professional roles, he is also an active board mentor for a very wide variety of organisations and individuals.

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Alison Bond

Alison Bond is a director of The Halo Works Ltd, a research and insight consultancy specialising in researching and implementing the outcomes and benefits of products and services.

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