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Data-Driven HR

Data-Driven HR

How to Use Analytics and Metrics to Drive Performance

Bernard Marr

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Use data, analytics and metrics to make better HR decisions for your business.

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About the book

Traditionally seen as a purely people function unconcerned with numbers, HR is now uniquely placed to use company data to drive performance, both of the people in the organization and the organization as a whole. Data-Driven HR is a practical guide which enables HR professionals to leverage the value of the vast amount of data available at their fingertips. Covering how to identify the most useful sources of data, collect information in a transparent way that is in line with data protection requirements and turn this data into tangible insights, this book marks a turning point for the HR profession.

Covering all the key elements of HR including recruitment, employee engagement, performance management, wellbeing and training, Data-Driven HR examines the ways data can contribute to organizational success by, among other things, optimizing processes, driving performance and improving HR decision making. Packed with case studies and real-life examples, this is essential reading for all HR professionals looking to make a measurable difference in their organizations.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 01: What is data-driven HR?;
    • Chapter - 02: The evolution of intelligent (and super-intelligent) HR;
    • Chapter - 03: Data-driven strategy: making a business case for more intelligent HR;
    • Chapter - 04: Capitalizing on the data explosion: identifying key sources of HR-relevant data;
    • Chapter - 05: Data-driven HR tools: turning data into insights with HR analytics;
    • Chapter - 06: Potential pitfalls: looking at data privacy, transparency and security;
    • Chapter - 07: Data-driven recruitment;
    • Chapter - 08: Data-driven employee engagement;
    • Chapter - 09: Data-driven employee safety and wellness;
    • Chapter - 10: Data-driven learning and development;
    • Chapter - 11: Data-driven performance management;
    • Chapter - 12: The future of data-driven HR;


If you want your HR function to be relevant, drive more value to the organization, its employees and the function itself then you simply must read this book.
David Green, Global Director, People Analytics Solutions, IBM

Data-Driven HR is a fantastically insightful master guide every HR professional must read. The book shows that tools like big data, artificial intelligence and the internet of things are no longer future visions of HR but actual realities today. Make sure you embrace it now.
Yanislava Hristova, Director of People Operations, Xogito Group, Inc.

Bernard Marr shows us how to put HR front and centre in strategic organisation decision making. This 'how to' guide gives anyone interested in revolutionising the role of HR data a clear and logical set of steps. This isn't a prophecy - the time is now!
Carolyn Nevitte, Marketing Director, People Insight

Data-Driven HR is written keeping core HR professionals in mind, professionals who aren't & wouldn't want to become data scientists or digital gurus but want to be part & play their part in this transformational journey of making HR more intelligent. This book is well written, easy to digest and offers lots of great takeaways! I would recommend this as a mandatory read for all HR professional irrespective of their level and experience.
Ashish Sinha, Global HR Performance Analytics Lead, Diageo

The best thing about Bernard Marr's Data-Driven HR is that it offers innovative yet pragmatic solutions to some of today's most pressing HR issues. It is really well written, is bang up to date and I loved the immensely useful 'Key Takeaways' section at the end of each chapter.
Karen Lewis, Retail HR Director, Green King

This book provides a comprehensive guide detailing translatable tools for modern day HR practices. Marr gives key insights into how data driven HR should be an integral part of organisational development and design.
Sarah Morris, Head of HR, Blenheim Palace

A commercially focused and pragmatic guide to a topic that can influence an organisations profit margins!
Rikesh Kotadia, People Analytics Lead, Serco

This book is the most practical guide on how to embrace innovation through data and technologies like AI in the context of very real HR scenarios. I love that it is packed full of real life use cases and that it is written in a friendly and conversational style. It is a great source of inspiration and practical advice I can see myself re-visiting over and over again.
Maja Luckos, People Analytics, Capgemini

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749482466
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd April 2018
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x158
  • 264 pages

About the Author

Bernard Marr is a big data guru and bestselling author. A strategic performance consultant, he has and advised many of the world's best-known organizations including Accenture, Barclays, BP, DHL, Fujitsu, Gartner, HSBC, Mars, Microsoft, Oracle, The Home Office, NHS, Orange, Tetley, T-Mobile, Toyota, Royal Air Force, SAP and Shell on their business and data strategies. A frequent keynote speaker, he also writes on the topic of data and analytics for various publications including Forbes, the Huffington Post and LinkedIn Pulse. Bernard Marr is also the author of Data Strategy (2017) published by Kogan Page.

Bernard Marr

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