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Employee Experience

Develop a Happy, Productive and Supported Workforce for Exceptional Individual and Business Performance

Motivate, support and develop employees from pre-hire to retirement to ensure that they can perform to the best of their abilities.
EAN: 9780749491727
Edition: 1
Format: 234x157
208 pages

About the book

For organizations to maintain their competitive advantage, their people need to be performing to the best of their abilities. But in a world of increasing stress and pressure, of rapid technological change and digital overload, supporting and developing employees has never been more difficult. Employee Experience is a practical guide to achieving this.

To develop top-performing employees, HR professionals need to move beyond ad hoc engagement initiatives and instead to design and embed employee experience throughout an organization's processes and culture - from the moment an employee sees a job advert to the moment they leave the company.

Employee Experience is full of tools, tips and advice to help HR professionals and business leaders motivate, support and develop their staff to achieve exceptional individual and organizational performance. It includes guidance on how to build experience capabilities in an HR team and on communicating, sustaining and evolving the employee experience, as well as on using networks, nudges and technology.

Containing a foreword by Global Industry Analyst Josh Bersin and case studies from companies including Airbnb, Starbucks and Sky, the book shows how focusing on the employee experience improves performance, productivity and profits and how organizations of any size can achieve this success.

About the authors

Ben Whitter

Ben Whitter is the Founder and Chief Experience Officer at the World Employee Experience Institute (WEEI) - an independent employee experience company. A trusted advisor to CEOs, management/HR teams, Ben Whitter is a catalyst or long-term partner who helps clients to establish and elevate their EX strategies to deliver exceptional business and human outcomes. Ben Whitter was named a top global influencer and expert in employee engagement in 2017, and again in 2018, and a top 30 HR Influencer in the UK. The author shares his work & research through popular keynotes; he has delivered talks on EX in over 15 countries and his thought leadership on EX has inspired & influenced a business audience of over 16 million people globally. Featured by Forbes, The Financial Times, The Economist, Deloitte University Press, Thomson Reuters, HR Grapevine, MIT Sloan, HRM Asia, CGTN, HRD Magazine, Forbes, and many more.Ben Whitter's work inspired the very first EX conferences in Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Australia and brought together the World's top companies to progress the field of EX. He also set a new record in China; 2,300 HR Directors tuned-in to the first ever EX webinar broadcast 'live' on WeChat. Ben Whitter's approach has won numerous awards including the prestigious 'best in the UK' Training Journal Award, which celebrated his work as one of the best HR-led programmes in the UK and Europe across all sectors; his approach has been backed publicly by the World's leading organisations, in UK Parliament, and one of his HR projects received an official visit from a member of the British Royal Family.

More about Ben Whitter

Navigating the complexities of employee experience has become the biggest differentiator of great workplaces. At last, a book that gives us the routemap.

Bruce Daisley, Vice-President EMEA, Twitter