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Flat World Navigation

Collaboration and Networking in the Global Digital Economy

Unlock the secret of successful business in a global networked world with the tools to build and maintain authentic, dynamic relationships.
EAN: 9780749473938
Edition: 1
Format: 234x155
288 pages

About the book

Flat World Navigation introduces the new future of work in the 'flattened world' of the new digital attention-based economy, where real connections can be made in seconds across departments, businesses, cultures and countries.

Combining the best elements of networking, social media outreach and collaborative techniques, flat world navigation is an essential capability to build and maintain relationships between colleagues, customers and partners. Employees who can transform themselves into flat world navigators, experts in mediating these powerful relationships and bringing the customer into the conversation, will mean the difference between success and failure in business.

Flat World Navigation includes exclusive insights and interviews with international business leaders who successfully use flat world navigation skills, such as the Emmy-winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter Kare Anderson, Sandy Carter at IBM, Gordon Feller at CISCO Systems, Aria Finger at, Louise Guido at ChangeCorp, Jeffrey A. Finkle at the International Economic Development Council and Carolyn Lawrence, CEO of Women of Influence.

This book is grounded in real-world experience with insights and advice to build your skills base and empower the next generation of business people. Additionally, it is of great use to business owners and managers looking to effectively leverage the skills of these flat world navigators, whose critical role brings attention to ideas, products and services and, as such, must be part of a successful business strategy.

About the authors

Kim Chandler McDonald

Kim Chandler McDonald is Executive Vice President of KimmiC, a company she co-founded with her husband Michael, which specializes in adaptive approaches, robust technologies and leading edge innovations. A thought leader, sought after speaker and advisory board member, Kim is an advocate for disruptive approaches and transformational trends such as Flat World Navigation, meHealth and empowered endusers. Kim Chandler McDonald has built and maintains a far-reaching network of global thought leaders. As the world's first, branded, Flat World Navigator, Kim was included in the inaugural 'LinkedIn Power Profiles - Australia' list of 2012. Formerly, Kim was immersed in media as a writer and editor for national and international newspapers and magazines as well as being one of the host/producers of the award winning English Breakfast radio show. Kim specialises in interviewing international thought leaders and influencers - in particular those who she'd like to share a bottle of bubbles with. She loves chocolate, champagne and beer - but not together - usually...

More about Kim Chandler McDonald

From intern to CEO, Flat World Navigation, Collaboration and Networking reveal the necessary tools, techniques, and tips that each of us can do create collaborative enterprises and experiences. Kim Chandler McDonald exposes the secret of how to survive in an environment that is rapidly changing and ever dynamic. The future of success exist within the collaboration of your organization by harvesting talent and their ideas where both thrive.

Joanna Riley Weidenmiller, Founder and CEO of 1-Page Limited