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Geodemographics for Marketers

Geodemographics for Marketers

Using Location Analysis for Research and Marketing

Barry Leventhal

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Learn how to apply geodemographics in any sector with this practical guide, featuring useful case studies throughout from both users and agencies in the field.

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About the book

Geodemographics, the process of analyzing survey data to profile economic and demographic characteristics of populations, is a successful data-driven analysis tool for marketers. Geodemographic classifications are widely embedded in customer databases and market research datasets.

Written by a leading UK authority on geodemographics, Geodemographics for Marketers provides marketers with the know-how to leverage it as an effective research tool to identify location-based segments for highly targeted marketing. International in scope and impartial in its approach, this book demonstrates how to implement geodemographics techniques for practical application in retail, financial services and telecommunications as well as the public sector.

Geodemographics for Marketers includes numerous case studies, from the automotive, retail and telecommunications sectors to the public sector, that illustrate core concepts and how they can be applied to gain positive results. It is also supported by a range of online resources, including figures, practical sessions and learning feedback. The book also incorporates the newly introduced generation of classifications, as well as a discussion of the key decisions of the proposed 2021 census.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction
    • Chapter - 01: An overview of geodemographics;
    • Chapter - 02: Big data and geodemographics;
    • Chapter - 03: Key data sources;
    • Chapter - 04: Geodemographic classification systems;
    • Chapter - 05: Other types of geodemographic discriminators;
    • Chapter - 06: The mechanics of using geodemographics;
    • Chapter - 07: Applications in various industry sectors;
    • Chapter - 08: Choosing a geodemographic classification;
    • Chapter - 09: The international perspective;
    • Chapter - 10: Creating your own information products;
    • Chapter - 11: Looking to the future


In this era of excitement over big data it is important for marketers to be able to understand the data sources available to them. Without working knowledge they can neither challenge the experts nor write an accessible, decent brief. This excellent and eminently understandable book positions Geodemographics as a partner to other big data streams and market segmentation techniques. It clearly and helpfully provides marketers with the information they need on this key science, and should be required reading.
Jane Frost CBE, Chief Executive Officer, Market Research Society

Geodemographics for Marketers is a comprehensive introduction to the what, why, when and how of geodemographics - an essential discriminator for determining a whole range of decisions from store locations to council planning. It is a must for serious marketers and planners and will become the standard work on this subject.
Roger Holland, Executive Chairman of JICPOPS (the Joint Industry Committee for Population Standards)

Geodemographics for Marketers is that rare book on the office shelf - engaging, comprehensive, relevant and eminently practical. If you're interested in the why, how and so what of geodemographics, look no further. The answers are here.
Emma White, Doctor of Mathematics, ADRC-E, University of Southampton

Barry Leventhal has provided a timely and very readable survey of geodemographics as a marketing and commercial analysis tool, how usage has developed over forty years and continues to evolve in the era of big data. The value of geodemographics is clearly presented, including through contributions from a dozen leading experts steeped in relevant applications in business or public policy. This is more than an excellent 'how to' guide, with its practical and usable information on techniques and data sources, because it also adds to the case for censuses of the population as a vital component of national data.
Paul Allin, Visiting professor of statistics, Imperial College London

This is a very timely book. The use of geodemographics is growing rapidly, particularly in its application in the analysis of big data sets. Under Barry's leadership, the book brings together the leading geodemographic minds in the UK to provide a clear and concise guide of how to get the best out of geodemographics
Lynne Robinson, Research Director, IPA

Barry and his fellow contributors have provided a clear and very readable account of the vital role of geodemographics in marketing, demonstrating what they can achieve for the marketer, and the many ways in which geodemographic classifications can be applied. Although geodemographics have been around for well over 30 years, Barry shows that they are still extremely relevant today. Geodemographics were first applied to Kantar Media's TGI (Target Group Index) database which I work on as a statistician today, and they remain a key tool for our clients. Marketers who read this book will be left in no doubt as to their vital contribution to successful marketing campaigns.
Martin van Staveren, TGI Technical Director, Kantar Media

Like Harry Beck's iconic tube map, this essential guide transforms a complicated mix of geography and statistics into an unmistakeable, coherent and actionable reference for all marketing professionals. Written to educate and inspire, this is an easy-to-follow journey through theory and practice, supported by relevant and successful case studies. Readers will put this book down with a profound understanding and the confidence that they can successfully adopt geodemographics within their business.
Gordon Farquharson, Director of Analytics, more2 Ltd

Geodemographics remains an essential tool for many businesses, and others are still discovering it: both need to get impartial advice. DrLeventhal is a leading expert in this field, and it is great to see this definitive and up to date volume being published.
Keith Dugmore, Director, Demographic Decisions Ltd.

An exciting journey in Geodemographics. ... Geodemographics for Marketers takes the expert - and inexpert - reader on a ride from the origin of this complex discipline to its latest achievements; from the dawn of the third industrial revolution, to the spreading of the Big Data era; from the underlying theory, to relevant and interesting market applications. This book, including contributions from eminent exponents of the discipline, represents an unmatchable source of inspiration for everyone interested in this limitless, growing field. It is a necessary handbook of the methodologies, approaches, classifications, tools, research design, applications, potentialities and limits of a powerful scientific intuition. With this book, Barry Leventhal has achieved an empirically rich and academically challenging series of contributions, flavouring it with his unique experience, knowledge and market understanding.
Claudio Calvino, Senior Applications Consultant, Capgemini UK plc and Research Association, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

Geodemographics for Marketers, authored by Barry Leventhal and a star list of geodemographic analysts, is a must read for students and practitioners in the field. The book provides guidance on standard and new methods, insights into Big Data and information on a range of commercial applications, unlocked for a wider audience by Barry's networking skills. This book is a masterpiece of co-production between commercial practitioners and academics. We can all be grateful that Mrs Leventhal asked her husband in Spring 2014: Why don't you write a book?
Philip Rees CBE FBA AcSS FRGS, Professor Emeritus, University of Leeds

Barry has succeeded brilliantly in making geodemographics approachable and easy to understand; without leaving out anything of significance. He has covered the subject very thoroughly, and has involved some key 'players' in that coverage. I believe this will instantly become the standard text for marketers interested in geodemographics. Barry's enthusiasm for, and deep knowledge of, geodemographics shines through. He knows his subject inside out, as well he might. He joined PinPoint Analysis in the 'eighties, having used geodemographics in his previous job at AGB. Since then he has been at the forefront of developments over the decades, having also started the MRS Census & Geodemographics Group in the early nineties, giving him (and the members of the group) an inside track on developments.
Peter Sleight (practitioner since 1982 - now retired)

This book is a comprehensive account of the development, use and future of geodemographics. In addition it covers many related areas and initiatives which provides an extremely helpful context. The references and sources are well documented giving access to the details that can be so difficult to find but are often critical in actually using geodemographics and fully understanding the results of having done so. Barry has to be congratulated on putting together this excellent book and to have persuaded so many other leading experts to contribute. It is written with great clarity and answers the questions that would be raised in a reader's mind just before that happens.
Martin Callingham, Former Group Market Research Director at Whitbread PLC


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Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749473822
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd January 2016
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 232 pages
  • Series: Marketing Science

About the Author

Dr Barry Leventhal is a leading UK authority on geodemographics. He chairs the Census and Geodemographics Group (CGG), an advisory board of The Market Research Society (MRS), and is a leading voice in the UK information industry.

Barry Leventhal

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