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Private Label

Private Label

Turning the Retail Brand Threat into Your Biggest Opportunity

Keith Lincoln, Lars Thomassen

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Private Label examines the recent international growth of private label or retail brands - and the threats posed to manufacturers by this growth. The book provides strategies to combat these dangers and suggests how brand managers could use this situation as an opportunity to revitalize their brands. Private Label also demonstrates ways in which retailers can maximize the potential of their own private labels.

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About the book

Private Label is a powerful and compelling book of international scope on both the dangers and the opportunities posed by the rapid growth in recent years of private label or retail brands (those owned, sold and distributed by retailers). Private label growth is outpacing that of manufacturer brands, and the private label industry is now worth an estimated one trillion US dollars.

Debunking the myths and looking at all possible scenarios, Private Label encourages brand owners to see the "own brand" problem as a genuine business opportunity that will inspire them to innovate. Moreover, Private Label also suggests ways that retailers can maximize the potential of their own private labels, without damaging their own business.

Using research data from a range of global sources, as well as utilizing a comprehensive survey the authors carried out with Saatchi & Saatchi X, Private Label is a gripping and persuasive study of the world of "own brands" and their impact on global markets.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction: the new privatization;
  • Section - ONE: Understanding the opportunity;
    • Chapter - 01: Private facts;
    • Chapter - 02: Private myths;
    • Chapter - 03: Private past;
    • Chapter - 04: Private present;
    • Chapter - 05: Private future;
  • Section - TWO: Identifying the opportunity;
    • Chapter - 06: The S&S X Global Research Report;
    • Chapter - 07: The shopper perspective;
    • Chapter - 08: The brand perspective;
    • Chapter - 09: The retailer perspective;
    • Chapter - 10: The overall perspective;
  • Section - THREE: Retailizing the brand opportunity;
    • Chapter - 11: For every threat there’s an opportunity;
    • Chapter - 12: The Private principles;
    • Chapter - 13: Private principle 1: Running the risk and living the reality;
    • Chapter - 14: Private principle 2: Retailize and be radical;
    • Chapter - 15: Private principle 3: Tomorrow’s global, social and environmental issues are your opportunities today;
    • Chapter - 16: Private principle 4: Educate, navigate and inspire;
    • Chapter - 17: Private principle 5: Winning ‘mind shelf’ is the name of the game;
    • Chapter - 18: Private principle 6: Innovate, imagineer and involve;
    • Chapter - 19: Private principle 7: Restore and reinvent the store;
    • Chapter - 20: Private principle 8: Catalyse your communications and brand from till to TV;
    • Chapter - 21: Private principle 9: Collaborate and cooperate through co-opetition;
    • Chapter - 22: Private principle 10: Shopper solutions steal share of wallet;
  • Section - FOUR: Retailizing the retailer opportunity;
    • Chapter - 23: For every opportunity there’s an even bigger opportunity;
    • Chapter - 24: Retailer Private principles 1 to 5;
    • Chapter - 25: Retailer Private principles 6 to 10;
  • Section - FIVE: Conclusions;
    • Chapter - 26: Realizing the opportunity together

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749455934
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd May 2009
  • Paperback
  • Format: 234x156
  • 312 pages

About the Author

Keith Lincoln is one of the world's leading authorities on brands and global trends. He is an author, keynote speaker and business advisor to leading international companies, and a visiting lecturer at INSEAD Business School and London Business School. Keith Lincoln is also author of How to Succeed at Retail and co-author of Retailization with Lars Thomassen and Anthony Aconis (both published by Kogan Page).

Lars Thomassen has worked in advertising for over 30 years, most recently at BBDO, where he was involved in the development of many major global brands. He is now CEO of Walls, a leading international property developer. He has also co-authored (with Keith Lincoln and Anthony Aconis) the bestselling Retailization (Kogan Page)

Keith Lincoln

Lars Thomassen

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