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Strategic Talent Development

Develop and Engage All Your People for Business Success

Strategic Talent Development is a comprehensive guide for business leaders on how to design and implement an effective, high-performance talent and engagement strategy across the whole organization.
EAN: 9780749469368
Edition: 1
Format: 234x158
256 pages

About the book

In recent years globalization and technological advances have changed the business world. In this new world of ideas, which may come from anywhere within the company, businesses must be sufficiently agile, future-focused, and innovative to keep pace with rapid change. In these new conditions, command and control systems no longer work effectively and nor do extended hierarchies of management. To be successful, tomorrow's leaders will have to recognize the importance of their people. Strategic Talent Development will help them to:

- Develop talent for the future
- Encourage an organizational culture that is collaborative and innovative
- Direct and coordinate their people to encourage flexibility and rapid responses
- Actively harness employee engagement

Structured around a unique new model, the Four-Point framework, Strategic Talent Development will enable leaders to transform their employees' talent as a competitive advantage in order to deliver strategic success.

About the authors

Janice Caplan

Janice Caplan was the previous CIPD Vice-President of Learning and Development. She has over 25 years experience in HR which encompasses a Masters degree and designing and implementing talent management solutions for different types of organisations. She continues to teach and run courses for the CIPD.

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An inspiring read for the world we live and work in today.

Heather Matheson, Managing Director, HR Insight