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The Apology Impulse

How the Business World Ruined Sorry and Why We Can’t Stop Saying It

Discover how we became addicted to apologies without really saying sorry, understand when and how to make meaningful amends and why respectfully holding your ground makes you better at being sorry.
EAN: 9780749493202
Edition: 1
Format: 216x138
352 pages

About the book

Saying sorry is in crisis. On one hand there are anxious PR aficionados and social media teams dishing out apologies with alarming frequency. On the other there are people and organizations who have done truly terrible things issuing much-delayed statements of mild regret.

We have become addicted to apologies but immune from saying sorry.

In January 2018 there were 35 public apologies from high-profile organizations and individuals. That's more than one per day. Between them, in 2017, the likes of Facebook, Mercedes Benz and United Airlines issued over 2,000 words of apologies for their transgressions. Alarmingly, the word 'sorry' didn't appear once.

This perfectly timed book examines the psychology, motivations and even the economic rationale of giving an apology in the age of outrage culture and on-demand contrition. It reveals the tricks and techniques we all use to evade, reframe and divert from what we did and demonstrates how professionals do it best. Providing lessons for businesses and organizations, you'll find out how to give meaningful apologies and know when to say sorry, or not say it at all.

The Apology Impulse is the perfect playbook for anyone - from social media executive through to online influencers and CEOs - who apologise way too much and say sorry far too infrequently.

About the authors

Sean O'Meara

Sean O'Meara is the founder and MD of Essential Content a specialist content and PR agency. He's worked with leading organisations The Co-Op Bank and the BBC.

More about Sean O'Meara

Cary Cooper

Professor Sir Cary Cooper is the President of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University and the University of Manchester. In 2015 and 2016, he was voted the most influential HR thinker by HR Magazine.

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