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Social Organization

Social Organization

Developing Employee Connections and Relationships for Improved Business Performance

Jon Ingham


Facilitate collaboration - and therefore the sharing of knowledge and skills - with this guide to building social capital for improving business performance.

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About the book

Full of practical advice for HR and other business professionals, The Social Organization is a clear guide to addressing the urgent need for companies to shift their focus from developing individuals to developing networks and relationships between employees. Case studies from leading companies such as Microsoft, Spotify, Visa Europe, Southwest Airlines and P&G illustrate how relationship-based strategies can be implemented successfully to increase organizational performance.

Part One of The Social Organization explores the context of social capital and analyses how and why HR and others responsible for talent management need to foster and develop it. Part Two provides practical guidance for improving social capital and connections by improving the alignment and effectiveness of organizations, including through workplace design. Part Three covers how HR and related professionals can identify and implement appropriate changes throughout the whole employee life cycle: this includes initial recruitment and job design, social learning, performance management, employee retention, talent management, organization development and the role of social media and other technology as well as social analytics. The Social Organization is an essential book for all HR, OD and IT professionals needing to develop the social capital of their organizations for improved performance.

Table Of Contents

  • Section - SECTION ONE: Strategic management of people, organization and relationships;
  • Section - 01: Locating the value in people management;
  • Section - 02: Adding and creating more value;
  • Section - 03: Linking activities with people and organizational outcomes;
  • Section - 04: Competing and Cooperating through social relationships;
  • Section - 05: Developing social capital in your business;
  • Section - SECTION TWO: Creating a social architecture;
  • Section - 06: Organizing people to do work;
  • Section - 07: Selecting an organization structure - traditional opportunities;
  • Section - 08: Selecting an organization structure - new opportunities;
  • Section - 09: Enabling the organization;
  • Section - 10: Designing the workplace;
  • Section - SECTION THREE: Tending an organizational society;
  • Section - 11: Recruiting, managing and developing people;
  • Section - 12: Facilitating dyads, triads groups and organization effectiveness;
  • Section - 13: Using social technologies and analytics

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749480110
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd June 2017
  • Paperback
  • Dimensions: 234x156
  • 328 pages

About the Author

Jon Ingham is a consultant, trainer, writer and speaker on strategic people and organizational management with a particular focus on social capital. Based in the UK but operating globally, he works with HR, IT and Property departments to increase the impact they have in their businesses and helps business leaders and HR teams develop their own strategic capabilities. He is a well-known HR blogger and has been recognised as a top global influencer in talent management.

Jon Ingham