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The Trusted Executive

Nine Leadership Habits that Inspire Results, Relationships and Reputation

Understand why trust-building is key to a leader's ability to transform an organization and learn how build a positive relationship with your workforce and stakeholders.
EAN: 9781789666458
Edition: 2
Format: 235x159
224 pages

About the book

SHORTLISTED: CMI Management Book of the Year 2017 - Commuter's Read Category (previous edition)

The Trusted Executive helps leaders deliver outstanding results, create inspiring relationships and provide a positive contribution through the power of trustworthy leadership.

In the shifting world of business, affected by trends involving robotics, AI, data privacy, the #metoo movement, climate crisis, employment rights and income inequality, trust and truthfulness have become the agenda. But how can business leaders and executives build trust in an untrusting world?

The Trusted Executive, gives leaders the tools to build trust by focusing on ability, integrity and benevolence. Providing a range of tools, exercises, examples and case studies, the fully updated edition will help readers:

- Understand the primary role of trust as a leadership skill
- Build trust around themselves as a leader, and develop role modelling behaviours
- Lead transformation change within their own organization
- Develop strategies to deal with unwanted violations of trust within their business

About the authors

John Blakey

John Blakey is a leading executive coach and board adviser working with CEOs and elite sport coaches around the globe. His business experience includes time as a Fast Track 100 entrepreneur, FTSE100 International Managing Director and Chair/Director of a number of voluntary organisations. He is a regular speaker at international business conferences and is an advisory board Chair for Vistage, the world's largest CEO membership organisation. John Blakey's previous book Challenging Coaching is a standard coaching text. He has an MBA from Aston Business School and is currently researching a PhD on the role of CEO leadership in building organizational trust. John was also named as one of the top thought leaders on organisational trust at the Trust Across America awards in 2016. This accolade reflects his prize-winning doctoral research on trust at Aston Business School, as well as his practical experience as a highly successful business leader.

More about John Blakey

This inspiring book sets out a leader's individual responsibility for driving the actions that create organizational trust. The measures John Blakey recommends are highly practical and well within the capability of all business leaders who are determined to leave a positive legacy.

Jane Frost CBE, CEO, Market Research Society