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Touchpoint Leadership

Creating Collaborative Energy across Teams and Organizations

Touchpoint Leadership offers a collaborative approach to leadership and organizational development for leaders, HR professionals, coaches and consultants.
EAN: 9780749465780
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
224 pages

About the book

The early 21st century has witnessed an erosion of trust in business leaders - in their capacity to deliver sustained growth and in the integrity which underpins their decisions.

In responding to these challenges, Touchpoint Leadership puts forward a new leadership paradigm, asserting that relationships are the primary asset of a business. Drawing on a diverse array of case stories from their coaching work, the authors demonstrate how successful leaders apply touch point principles to building critical business relationships - between individuals, teams and business entities - with significant results. They provide a developmental framework through which individuals can scrutinise their own leadership, inject it with new life and meaning and release the energy and creativity necessary for collective learning and growth.

About the authors

Hilary Lines

Dr Hilary Lines has over twenty five years experience of working with senior leaders as an executive and team coach, as a facilitator and trusted advisor in organisational change and as an innovator in leadership development across the globe. Hilary Lines currently specialises in helping senior leaders work with conflict and difference within their teams. She has extensive experience of coaching leaders as they drive complex change, particularly post merger, and of creating new organisational cultures through working with difference in a constructive and creative way. She has designed and led major leadership programmes to build organisational as well as individual capability and to promote leadership succession.

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Jacqueline Scholes-Rhodes

Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes is a commercial practitioner with over twenty five years' experience of working in large corporate environments where she has led and facilitated large-scale transformation across sectors. She has worked across both public and private sectors, with her early career based in Australia as a government researcher. Since developing cross-organisational team coaching as a powerful means of facilitating the rapid integration of two merging pharmaceutical companies in 1995, Jacqui Scholes-Rhodes has worked with CEOs and their teams globally to help build healthy organisations where relationships are critical to sustainable success. She believes passionately that sustainable change happens through self-aware and joined up people. She is a researcher and writer with deep insights into how we map our personal and collective journeys and cares strongly about helping create 'new' types of organisation.

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