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Sustainable Marketing

The Industry’s Role in a Sustainable Future

Transform your marketing practice into a force for good by understanding marketing's complicity in the sustainability crisis and learning how to embed sustainable thinking and practice in your day-to-day work.
EAN: 9781398613133
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 156
328 pages

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About the book

Becoming a sustainable marketer is no longer an optional extra. Sustainability has become a necessity for the future, but do you feel confident delivering on this for your clients and customers?

Sustainable Marketing is a blueprint for embedding sustainability at the heart of marketing. Exposing the disturbing reality of marketing's current relationship with many of our environmental and societal problems, it challenges the traditional role of marketing, its cultural norms and gross inefficiency. It goes on to present a compelling vision for change and a practical guide for marketing professionals, equipping them with the mindset and tools to transform their daily work and the industry as a whole, into a force for good.

This is the perfect guide for marketing and sustainability professionals working through their company's sustainable transformation whilst trying to avoid the pitfalls of greenwashing and carbon myopia. Written by experts who apply their unique framework to the issue, this book takes what may feel like an insurmountable challenge and breaks it down, giving in-depth advice and providing real-world success stories from companies of all sizes including Tony's Chocolonely, The Onlii and AkzoNobel.

About the authors

Paul Randle is co-founder of the Sustainable Marketing Compass and CEO of Pickle Consulting Ltd based in Berkshire, UK. He has worked with global brands like Microsoft, BSI, Philips, VISA, Omicom and Dentsu.

Alexis Eyre is co-founder of the Sustainable Marketing Compass, and co-founder of Sustainists. Based in Hampshire, UK, she has worked on all three sides of the marketing triangle - agency, client and media owner side - and has spoken at the Business Green NetZero Festival.

Both assess on the Sustainable Marketing, Media and Creative course at the Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

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