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Why is VR so Important for Marketing?

Virtual Reality (VR) has irrevocably changed the way that marketers create engaging content. A rare example of a completely new medium – rather than just the evolution of an existing one, such as film, or TV – VR allows consumers to not only engage but be immersed and transported into content and connect with it on a much stronger and more emotional level than any other medium.

As a result, VR provides brands and organizations with the opportunity to connect with consumers much more authentically and engage with them more deeply than ever before. In this video, Henry Stuart, author of Virtual Reality Marketing, explores how the medium’s power and impact are expected to grow, with an increasing number of brands and industries embracing it to connect with their target audience on a grander scale.

Stay ahead of the curve in the unique rise of VR and explore how industries like automotive and charities are already using it as a connector, to put consumers in someone else’s shoes and create empathy. This video will help you understand the need for VR in your marketing campaigns and the true business benefits of using it to engage with your audience.