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A Quick Start Guide to Mobile Marketing

A Quick Start Guide to Mobile Marketing

Create a Dynamic Campaign and Improve Your Competitive Advantage

Neil Richardson

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A Quick-Start Guide to Mobile Marketing shows the reader how to use mobile communications as a key marketing tool in order to improve customer satisfaction, form better professional relationships and increase marketing effectiveness.

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About the book

New technologies such as the internet and mobile communications are changing the face of business communications. With over 2 million enterprises in the UK, incorporating these new approaches has become crucial to avoiding business failure and driving growth.

A Quick Start Guide to Mobile Marketing is specifically written for people who wish to improve how their customers perceive them by tapping into the benefits of m-marketing and its links with other forms of digital marketing. It provides a quick and easy understanding of the key concepts and principles applied to social networking, such as the benefits of mobile marketing; the increasing use of mobile technology within social network sites; marketing communications as a research tool; how m-commerce can add value for customers and other micro-environmental stake holders and crucially, the future of digital marketing tools

This 'how to' guide, containing real life examples of good contemporary practice, explains how the theories and tools described work in actual business scenarios to improve customer satisfaction, form better professional relationships and increase marketing effectiveness.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 01: Reflect on…;
    • Chapter - 02: Enable change;
    • Chapter - 03: Actively communicate;
    • Chapter - 04: Consider your situation;
    • Chapter - 05: Consider your situation (II);
    • Chapter - 06: Harvest knowledge;
    • Chapter - 07: Nurture growth;
    • Chapter - 08: Embrace co-ordination;
    • Chapter - 09: Where do you stand?;
    • Chapter - 10: Where do you stand (II)?


This book, although a pocket book, offers insightful thoughts and advice to companies that may not have implemented new forms of technology into their operations yet. The author provides readers with a good background as to why they need to change, in addition to how to change. The informative background knowledge contained in the book suggests that the author has done all his research very well. There is no doubt that this book is a very useful tool kit. With its informative content, the book can help readers revamp their communications departments as well as improve their overall standing in the market.
Journal of Consumer Marketing

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About the Author

Neil Richardson is an experienced marketing/business practitioner. He is involved in supporting other professionals who seek advice about marketing and decision making as well as being a senior lecturer and CIM course leader at Leeds University Business School. He has also co-authored Develop Your Marketing Skills, Develop Your PR Skills and A Quick Start Guide to Social Media Marketing (all published by Kogan Page).

Neil Richardson