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Brand esSense

Brand esSense

Using Sense, Symbol and Story to Design Brand Identity

Neil Gains

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Examine the importance of brand identity and especially the application of sensory principles to create a stronger brand, including the practical application of symbolism and storytelling in customer experience.

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About the book

Branding has reached a new frontier. In the future, brands will have to appeal to more than one or two of the classic five senses. Branding expert Neil Gains shows both the science and the practical applications of how this can be done, and links symbolism and storytelling to sensory experience in brand marketing.

Drawing on the latest research and design thinking Brand esSense shows how brands can link storytelling archetypes and symbolism to customer experience to build a multi-sense phenomenon. This groundbreaking book provides innovative branding tools for evaluating where a brand is on the sensory and storytelling scale, analyzing its potential and giving it a clear pathway to optimizing its unique sensory appeal.

Table Of Contents

    • Chapter - 00: Introduction;
    • Chapter - 01: The reality of perception;
    • Chapter - 02: The senses close up;
    • Chapter - 03: Sensing from a distance;
    • Chapter - 04: Symbols and signs;
    • Chapter - 05: Story and archetypes;
    • Chapter - 06: Using archetypes in branding;
    • Chapter - 07: Finding the esSense of your brand;
    • Chapter - 08: Applying the esSense framework


For those who really want to get much deeper into the essence of branding, this is a masterful book.
Neil Gains provides a uniquely insightful, step by step approach to really effective branding.
Brand esSense should be mandatory reading for marketers and brand owners.

Alan Fairnington, Managing Partner, Duxton Consulting Group

If you're like the rest of us in marketing - or even part of that ever increasing, inquisitive public, wanting to know about the senses - you've come to the right place. Neil Gains writes with a wealth of science mixed with a dollop of marketing, and baked with practicality. Read what he has to say about how the senses do more than please our eyes, nose, palate, skin. These senses create meaning. Brands can use these meanings to grab their consumers, holding them closer than ever before. And Brand esSense is a fun read. You end with practical frameworks for designing products and services. But you have to read the book, take it in, and really think just how YOU are going to harness what clever developers and marketers have been profiting from for years.
Howard Moskowitz. Ph.D. President, Moskowitz Jacobs, Inc.

At last someone has woven together all of the pieces of the puzzle on the very hot and timely topic of integrating the senses into Brands. In his book Brand esSense, Neil opens up the world of sensory, storytelling, symbols and archetypes with scientific endorsement, revealing key insights behind many renowned case studies of brand success and failure. Brand esSense delivers a practical 'how to' guide for developing and engaging the senses into your brand - regardless of whether it is a consumer, business to business or experience brand.
This book will be a resource you will find yourself referring to again and again.

Karen Stanton, Regional Marketing, Sensory and Consumer Insights Director, International Flavors and Fragrances

Neil Gains has succeeded in beautifully pulling together an astonishing number of strings that span different disciplines.
Admirably syncretising sensory research with the more established consumer research practices, he ends up with a fascinating new paradigm on Brand research and eventually Brand Management.
His style is witty and light and will give the reader the pleasure of having much of what is needed at hand in order to provide a checkpoint for their own Brand esSense, and eventually allow them to start experimenting on how to write their Brand's next chapter.

Massimo Cealti, Symrise Global Scent & Care, VP Consumer & Market Insight

Brand esSense is a thought-provoking and entertaining thesis on the power of sensory branding. As advertisers and marketers continue to clutter what is already an overcrowded visual environment, huge opportunities lie in exploring how companies can connect with their consumers across other, less densely occupied sensory channels. The book provides a practical framework within which marketers can identify a brand's true archetype and communicate this across multiple sensory touch points. The author has succeeded in blending some complex insights from the academic discipline of sensory science with real world applications and a host of illustrative case studies. Simple, elegant and a must read for anyone interested in finding the ideal sensory mix for their brand.
Professor Gemma Calvert Founder, Neurosense and Professor of Neuromarketing at the Nanyang Business School, NTU, Singapore

Brand equity is essentially an emotional construct, and nobody knows that better than Neil Gains as demonstrated in this book. Want to leverage the quick, intuitive choice that favours your branded offer? Then Neil's book should be your automatic choice in learning more about this vital topic.
Dan Hill, founder/president of Sensory Logic and author of Emotionomics: Leveraging Emotions for Business Success (Kogan Page, 2010)

Brand esSense is a valuable book providing insights into what make brands stronger, better and more differentiated. Finding the true purpose of brands in an increasingly noisy world is not an easy endeavour, but the book provides great ideas and tools to enhance the success of the journey. The book is highly recommendable and a good read for any marketer and leader who aspires to make a difference.
Martin Roll, Business & Brand Strategist Martin Roll Company

Brand esSense is a great read for any researcher who wants to wants to understand the role of the senses and emotions in human behaviour.

It takes the reader on a journey from the way we experience the world through to the fundamentals of human motivation, providing clear and detailed overviews of sensory research, semiotics and the role of emotions and archetypes in shaping decision making. Neil is a leading global authority on sensory research and this is recommended reading for anyone who wants to better understand the relationship between buyer behaviour and brand experience.

Dan Foreman, Chief Marketing Executive, Lumi and ESOMAR President

an easy read for anybody broadly familiar with brands, the senses, and qualitative research. Even for people deeply steeped in the area, there are nuggets in there that they will find illuminating or useful. So, I would warmly recommend it.
Ray Poynter, Director, Vision Critical University and author of The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research

Book Details

  • EAN: 9780749470012
  • Edition: 1
  • Published: 3rd November 2013
  • Paperback
  • Format: 233x156
  • 232 pages

About the Author

Neil Gains works in the areas of cultural understanding, brand identity and sensory design. He worked for Cadbury Schweppes for more than 10 years in R&D and sensory research, before moving to Asia with AMI (later Synovate) to manage their Asia Pacific innovation practice. He founded TapestryWorks in April 2010.

Neil Gains

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