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Beyond Branding

How the New Values of Transparency and Integrity are Changing the World of Brands

Understand how branding can benefit employees, customers and investors, encouraging managers to rethink their fundamental assumptions about brands and marketing.
EAN: 9780749443993
Edition: 1
Format: 231 x 150
254 pages

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About the book

In response to the growing 'anti-globalization' movement and the perception that brands are manipulative and demeaning, Beyond Branding argues that branding is neither inherently good nor evil. It shows that branding can benefit employees, customers and investors if managers rethink their fundamental assumptions about brands and marketing. True business value is created by open, transparent and honest relationships.

Beyond Branding explores responsibility in the context of brands: why do some brands behave ethically and others not? Why do some brands engage their employees and others manipulate them? Based on the latest research and using international case studies, this book covers new ways to measure value, the responsible use of power, leadership and how it can balance ethics, reality and vision, authenticity, *the role of NGOs, engaging consumers in ethical issues- and the overall business benefits of 'open' branding.

About the authors

Nicholas Ind is a corporate branding and communication consultant. He is the author of a number of business books including: Living the Brand, The Corporate Image and Great Advertising Campaigns. He has also written a biography of Terence Conran.
  • This is an inspiring book, a plea for the new approach - one that does not just put the heart back into brand planning, but puts the brand back at the heart of the organization. It will help you think differently about brands.
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