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Tactical SEO

The Theory and Practice of Search Marketing

Understand the opportunities, challenges and overlooked potential that SEO can bring to any webpage or website, by identifying the why behind the how of search marketing.
EAN: 9780749477998
Edition: 1
Format: 234 x 157
200 pages

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About the book

Tactical SEO is a practical guide to understanding the opportunities, challenges and overlooked potential that SEO can bring to any webpage or website. It challenges the plethora of technical, process driven and time sensitive best practice SEO guides, and gives readers insights into the big picture value that can be derived from understanding the underlying principles of SEO. Clear and inclusive in tone, Tactical SEO offers proven tactics to follow that are built around the core principles of optimization, and that therefore stay consistent in spite of continually evolving digital technologies.

Including many real world case studies and examples, Tactical SEO gives readers a framework to cultivating their own SEO capabilities. This framework can be applied in any online business, regardless of industry or online niche, to enhance discoverability and profitability. Exploring core concepts such as the Google ethos, ripple creation and mobile marketing, Tactical SEO is the number one go-to resource to help marketing professionals and students become experts in this essential field.

About the authors

Lee Wilson is an established influencer and expert in the search and digital marketing space. A multiple published author on topics including SEO and data-driven marketing, Wilson helps companies to maximize their digital assets, expand their businesses online, and make marketing budgets work much harder towards business goals. He has extensive strategic and practical insights gathered from nearly 20 years leading digital services, spanning thousands of search marketing campaigns, covering SME's and start-ups, through to global brands and international marketing.
  • Lee is a meticulous, thought-inspiring, digital marketing professional and Tactical SEO is a true reflection of just that. Showcasing an enviable depth of SEO knowledge throughout, Lee explains not just how to understand search engines, but provides practical takeaways and priceless information to help you successfully manage and communicate the importance of SEO in our modern digital world. This publication is a great journey through the frequent changes that continue to occur in search marketing and how to positively act on them. I'd recommended this book for those taking their first steps into SEO, all the way through to those that looking to take a completely refreshed approach to organic search as a channel. A reminder that now more than ever, we still have to think outside the box to stand out in search engines.
  • Jack Cooper, Digital Marketing Manager, Strawberrysoup

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