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Market Intelligence

Martin Callingham
In Market Intelligence Callingham (visiting professor, Birkbeck College, U. of London, UK) addresses the concerns that client organizations should address in commissioning and utilizing market research. In 11 chapters, he looks at such topics as the impact of market research on decision-making and the organization of the market.

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EAN: 9780749442019
Edition: 1
Format: 234x156
232 pages

About the book

One of the biggest problems facing organisations that commission market research is ensuring that they get the research they want and that the research is relevant to the organisation. There are many different approaches that can be taken for any one piece of research and it is crucial for an organisation to get this right. Failure to do so can lead to substantial pain in the debriefing meeting and quite possibly failure and wasted budgets. Market Intelligence examines the clientside perspective of market research and describes the pitfalls and problems when commissioning and briefing market research. Market Intelligence is fully international in scope and offers comparative examples and case studies from Europe and the US. The book also outlines Data Protection legislation and details the professional ethics incorporated in the MRS Code of Conduct. This is an invaluable guide for students, market researchers and non-professional researchers.

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