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The Marketing Manifesto

A unique, innovative and highly practical book that crystallizes precisely how professional marketers can create a goal-oriented personal and company strategy.
EAN: 9780749468521
Edition: 1
Format: 234x157
208 pages

About the book

Marketing is key to the health and wealth of organizations and a vital component in business strategy. Despite the fact that it produces three times more value than any other facet of a business, and continual major improvements in its evolution as a profession, marketing and marketers are often undervalued as part of the business and under-exploited as a force for profit. It is time marketing - and the Marketer - became critical.

The Marketing Manifesto tackles and exposes the problems that stand in the way of many marketers that realize marketing's prime objective and role - to improve and sustain revenue whilst improving the lives of the customer. Outlining unique steps to create and deliver a successful marketing strategy in any organization and to improve your own a personal impact as a marketer - The Marketing Manifesto is an innovative and highly practical title that crystallizes how professional marketers can create a goal-oriented personal and company strategy, and achieve the competitive advantage through correct marketing practice.

About the authors

David James Hood

David James Hood is a specialist in competitiveness and proposition / revenue improvement and was an early innovator in modern digital and technology-led marketing. He has served on the UK's Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body and the manufacturing trade body Competitive Scotland.

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